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We are crafting a beautiful platform for nomads to come together. Join us in the journey where we empower travellers and adventurers to explore and discover the world.
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Neha Jha
Mumbai, India
PR professional who’s quit to travel the world and work in the social sector.
Syed Razaa
Delhi, India
Nature lover who keeps running to the mountains with a camera and a tent.
Jai Pandya
Delhi, India
Exploring the vastness of the country, from the himalayan highs to the kerela greens. Nomad and Engineer.
Nidhi Jha
A research scholar, I have traveled 23 countries, because good girls go to heaven and bad girls go everywhere!
Shivali Sharma
Delhi, India
I travel because what you are is where all you’ve been. My adventure stories are with motorcycle and my husband.
Clothilde Maurer
Paris, France
French by birth and a Mumbaikar by heart. Travelled to 17 countries and lived in France, Australia and India.
Steve D'Souza
Goa, India
Motorcycles, Photography Travel and food. In love with my Yezdi and Himalayan.
Raghav Kapoor
Brooklyn, NY, USA
An investigative journalist with New York Times. Traveled to 43 countries because to move is the greatest affair.
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